13 March 2019

New Release: Ideal Mate

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Blurb: Born and raised in an Omega breeding facility, all Owen’s ever dreamt of is freedom. One Alpha client is his ticket out of hell but when Vance blows Owen’s expectations out of the water, Owen doesn’t know whether to stay or run. Owen’s terrified of his attraction to Vance, but will yielding to the Alpha put him in another kind of cage?
Vance needs an obedient Omega, an ideal mate for his unstable pack. Right from the start he knows Owen’s the exact opposite of meek and dutiful. The more Vance gets to know Owen, the sooner he realizes that Owen might be just what both he and his pack needs.

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16 November 2018

New Release: Denying the Alpha- Manlove Edition

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Some happily-ever-afters take more effort than others...
The strong alpha heroes in our anthology are determined to claim their mates—but their men are anything but submissive. They'll have to work twice as hard to get what they want. It'll be a power struggle as the alphas and their men learn that the volatile energy between them is the beginning of something wonderful. 
These nine hand-picked stories are hot enough to curl your toes. Get ready to fall in love with an alpha.

80,000 words 

Tortured Heart by L.J. Longo
If You Can't Stand the Heat by Pelaam
Five Dollar Mate by Angelique Voisen
At the Edge by Nell Rockhill
Hunted by His Alpha by Marie Medina

15 November 2018

New Release: Pretend Mate

Blurb: Broke and on the run from a vicious murderer, Dario Jacobs signs up with a mysterious match-matching organization out of desperation. Enigmatic self-made billionaire werejaguar Von Prince needs someone to play his pretend mate. Dario and Von are an unlikely match, and yet Dario finds himself instantly attracted to the dangerous and dominating shifter.

Von never thought he’d find his mate through an agency but now that Dario’s within his grasp, he doesn’t want to let him go. Even if his human is hiding secrets from him, Von’s determined to unearth all of the skeletons in Dario’s closet and slay all of Dario’s demons. Von’s willing to break all the rules because in the end, Dario will be his to claim.
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