16 July 2018

New Release: Undone by the Beast

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Hunt or be hunted, that’s the rule of Ryan King’s world. After stumbling upon his brother’s mangled corpse, Ryan’s devoted his entire life to vengeance. When he finally closes in on the supernatural killer, he realizes it's not enough. Ryan needs to find a monster of his own in order to take down a psychopathic killer. The last thing he expected is to fall hard for his sexy and lethal monster. 

Colton Black made one mistake in his youth and has been paying for it ever since. To save his brother, Colton turned him into a werewolf, but he never expected his brother to become a bloodthirsty psychopath. When Colton meets one persistent hunter, he didn’t count on Ryan being capable of stirring his dead heart awake. Colton’s got nothing to lose, until he finds out Ryan’s is his fated mate.


“You and me, it’s not a good idea,” Ryan said the words in a rush.

“Why? If you and I are going to throw our lives anyway, why not have a little fun before the end?”

Colton made an excellent point. A little fun. God. Ryan had forgotten what that word meant. He deserved a break, didn’t he, and he had a feeling a man like Colton only asked once. Now or never, and he’d already broken the hunter code by working with a werewolf. What was breaking another rule?

Excitement made his heart race, his breathing hitch. Colton could overpower him during this entire conversation, force him against his will if he truly wanted Ryan under him, but he didn’t. Ryan had a choice, say yes and submit—or spend what might amount to his last few nights in this world, lonely and miserable.

“I haven’t been with anyone in ages. I don’t know how—I might end up disappointing you in the end.” What was Ryan doing? At this rate, he might wind up chasing the werewolf away.

“Where did the confident little human with steel in his spine go? Suddenly so shy around me?” Colton smiled, flashing a hint of fang.

“Is that how you see me?” Ryan asked, blinking. “That sounded like a compliment.”

“You’re human and possess a frightening single-mindedness to your goal. You’re crazy enough to go after a monster like Chris.”

“Crazy,” Ryan repeated, then let out a laugh. “That sounds like me. My old friends and work colleagues told me I was insane to go after my brother’s killer, that I’ll die in the process. I got this far, didn’t I? I might not be able to go toe-to-toe with a werewolf of Chris’s level, but I have the next best thing.”

“Me.” Colton cupped his cheek, and Ryan found himself standing. His heart beat so fast, it could crawl out of his chest. Colton’s big, callused hand on his skin felt so warm, and when Colton slid his thumb over his lower lip, parting his mouth, Ryan sucked down on it. The werewolf groaned.

“I bet you’d look good sucking my dick,” Colton said.

“Let’s find out.”

Before Ryan could drop to his knees, Colton fisted his shirt and finally kissed him. The room blurred as he closed his eyes. It wasn’t gentle or slow, but he already knew a hard man like Colton only knew one way to kiss. Good thing, too, because Ryan craved rough and hungry. He responded, not minding Colton sliding his huge hands down his sides.

When Colton thrust his tongue down his throat, Ryan forgot about his mission, his thirst for vengeance. All that mattered was the male about to claim his body. Ryan knew without a doubt he’d cave, submitting to Colton’s bruising touches and his scorching kisses that left him wordless.

17 May 2018

New Release: Strangers No More

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 Can two broken men take another shot at love and go from being strangers to soul mates?

Max and Pete are the perfect power couple. Max’s a renowned artist and Pete’s a successful and cocky divorce lawyer. Their friends envy them, except their marriage is a sham, a fake arrangement. When a car accident shatters all the lies they’d built over the years, will Max turn tail and run away, or see the chance of a lifetime?

The moment Pete opens his eyes in the hospital room, he instantly hates the massive surgical scar across his chest. It's a reminder of his mistake, his sin, because Max might have forgotten but he was the one at the wheel that night. When fate offers them a second chance to make their marriage real, will Pete be brave enough to right his wrongs?

30 March 2018

New Release: His Brand of Love

Blurb: I want him. Need him with an urgency I can’t describe. Nick’s control is what I crave—and his ability to send me on my knees and beg. Seeing his marks on my skin, his collar fastened around my neck and heart, I know he’s the one. The world says it’s wrong for me to love him. That I’m insane and too damaged to make the right decisions.

I once trusted a bad man, a twisted man, who became my entire universe, but he turned my gift against me—and Nick wears that very man’s face. I’ve past that, so why couldn’t Nick?
But enough lies and deception, it’s time I end this sorry tale. I’m seven feet from salvation, his and mine, but I can’t pull the trigger.

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I began to head back into the bedroom, but Julian caught the hem of my shirt with shaking fingers. I turned, frowning. Daylight did nothing but highlight the ugly bruises blossoming against his skin, the swollen and red marks on his wrists and ankles. I silently counted to ten in my head, in case I’d change my mind about letting Noah live.
“What?” I asked.
“Hurry back,” Julian answered, then dropped his gaze and bit his lip. “I can’t stand being alone.”
I couldn’t walk away now. Fastening my hand on the back of his neck, still bearing two straight lines of his collar, I tilted his head upwards.
“Look at me, Julian,” I commanded, letting him hear the authority in my voice. “You’ve been a brave boy, a good boy.”
I massaged the nape of his neck until he relaxed.
“Stay here. Don’t move. Understood?” I asked.
“Yes, Master,” he answered with a sigh.
That word, one word I relished hearing from my subs back the club, slipped out by accident. Noah had tainted the meaning of that word now. Shaking my head, I kissed his brow, ignoring the temptation to take his lips. Julian took initiative, trembling lips moving soundlessly, closing over mine. He’d done it now. Clasping the nape of his neck, I went in for the kill.
It was wrong to kiss him now and I knew it, but I lost control of my body. I took his mouth the only way I knew how, rough, hard enough to bruise and draw blood. Julian responded, turned on by the pain, despite what he’d just gone through. I prodded my tongue at his lips, and he opened up, obedient, so I could slip my tongue down his throat.
No resistance or reluctance on his end, only deadly compliance. I pulled away first, leaving us both panting, wanting more.
“You said you knew me, back then when I was about to strangle Noah to death. Why did you say those words?”
Julian blinked away his confusion. He thumbed at his bottom lip, still swollen from my kiss, looking thoughtful. Jesus. If I had to agree with my insane brother, it was this—Julian was beyond gorgeous, someone worth breaking, owning and seeing grow. I thought Noah taking him captive had killed any desire of his for power exchange. That kiss proved otherwise.
“You’re not like him,” Julian said eventually. “I fell hard for his charm, not realizing he wore a mask all the time, even during our sessions at the clubs.”
“And me?”
“The first time you saw me at my worst, when my fear defeated me, your first instinct had been to save me.”
Maybe this sub was more damaged than I’d realized. I wore my brother’s face. I couldn’t ignore the fact we came from the same mold. If I crossed that line, would I do the same to Julian?

Copyright © 2018 Angelique Voisen