12 April 2017

Rightfully His Omega is live again!

It’s currently on sale at Amazon for $0.99 and available on KU as a big thank you for all my wonderful readers who’ve supported my work.

Werewolves mate for life. 

A rare omega, Charlie has experienced and tasted Hell’s finest. When Charlie was twelve, he died and saw his home burned down, his pack rendered extinct, and his fated mate, Caleb, taken. When Caleb returns ten years later, he intends to claim what he lost. 

Caleb’s link to Charlie is unbreakable, stronger than any marriage bond. Harder now, scarred, and a reputed killer, Caleb is the kind of dominant werewolf who doesn’t understand the word no. Caleb isn’t the only one who’s changed. Charlie’s all grown up now. 

If Caleb thinks Charlie’s going to bend before he breaks, he has another thing coming. 


I’m so sorry it took longer than expected to get Rightfully His Omega back up. I’ve hadn’t been active after my father had a heart attack and I became one of his primary caregivers. I’ll be uploading my other books affected by ARe’s closure soon, save for Strip Tease, which was given a new home by my publishers.