10 June 2016

New Release: Mate Me, Keep Me

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Blurb: Reclusive millionaire werebear Pat Singer hired Jacob Reynolds to play his dead mate, not expecting the damages to rack up in a single night of passion. Once Pat has Jacob, he wants more. Jacob wakes something in him Pat thinks he’s lost—desire, even love. Pat needs to own Jacob in every way, but Jacob comes with new rules Pat isn’t sure he can live with.

Jacob refuses to play second fiddle to the ghost of Pat’s ex, even if Jacob wears his face. Role playing is over. Jacob wants Pat to see the real him, all of him and accept he’s not a copy. Breaking the shackles that chain Pat to the past is easy, but Pat needs to take the next step forward to their future.

“You approached me first, pet.”

I didn’t stop Pat from lifting me effortlessly by the waist and sitting me on the edge of the table. At this angle, Pat had perfect view of my needy cock, restrained by my jeans.

“What are you doing?” I asked, feeling stupid when he hooked his fingers into my belt loops.

“I’m not satisfied with cake. I want more dessert. Yes or no, Jacob. Say it now, before I lose control.”

“You know what my answer is.”

“I want to hear it, your consent. Beg me. Tell me what you want me to do to this gorgeous body of yours.”

I shuddered. “Suck my dick. Please, I want your mouth.”

Pat dragged my jeans down, along with my boxers, until my ass lay on the cool solid wood and my cock stood erect, pointing his direction. Without another word, Pat pushed my thighs apart, the harsh stubble of his jaw rubbing against my inner thighs. Groaning, I sunk my fingers into his hair while he wrapped those perfect lips around my shaft. Logical thought left me. Slick heat enveloped my sensitive prick. Pat applied careful suction, devouring me with relish, taking his time.

“Pat, please.”

His golden gaze met mine, a challenge. I realized Pat wanted to prove something. That I wouldn’t be able to say no to him after this little reminder. Last night triggered something between us. We’d unknowingly chained ourselves to each other, unprepared for the consequences. Pat’s hold me is terrifying, but my power over him scared him shitless. One cruel word from me could end this, before there could even be an us, and I hated that.

Pat easily took hold of my most intimate part, and led me towards the spiral. I let him, tightening my grip on his hair. It didn’t take long for me to explode in his mouth. Pat licked my cock, not spilling a drop, seemingly reveling in every sound I uttered as I became undone. Triumph shone in his eyes, and I suddenly knew, without a fucking doubt, no other can man could measure up to him.

“Mine.” Pat tossed out the word, like it meant nothing and everything. He blinked when I got off the table, kneeling between his legs. It was my turn to yank down his jeans and trousers, to have my fill of his cream. I worked with eager hands, feeling his hand in my hair, tugging, reminding me who remained in control. Good, because I wanted Pat to take over and lead.

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