4 September 2015

New Release: Revo's Property (Hellhounds MC 1)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Cover Art: Jay Aheer

Blurb:  No rules. No regrets. Live without giving a fuck about yesterdays and tomorrows. That’s the motto of the Hellhounds MC.

Around Wolf County the werewolf riders are the law, and they don’t take well to outsiders. When club VP and pack beta Revo sniffs out an incubus feeding on the townsfolk at a nearby roadhouse, duty demands he get his hands dirty. But the last thing Revo’s wolf is interested in is shedding blood. The beast wants to mate Ezra and claim him, but Revo’s human half is certain tying himself to a soulless being is a one-way ticket to hell.

Revo leaned in close. He ran the bridge of his crooked nose up the column of Ezra’s throat. His tongue flicked out, catching his beaded sweat, tasting the salt of his skin. Every little thing he did sent jolts of electricity right to Ezra’s chest and groin. Fuck. Ezra squirmed, wanting to go fast, but Revo pinned both his hands above his head. He groaned.
Revo nipped at his left earlobe, wrangling a moan from him. His breath was warm against Ezra’s neck. “I’m the one in control here, is that clear?”
“Crystal.” Dominant werewolves and their damn obsession with control, but Ezra didn’t mind. Hell, he liked being submissive in the bedroom, but he would keep his guard up. Ezra wouldn’t just let some random stranger lead him to dark places without making sure he could back out anytime he wanted. Trusting anyone in Pre-Fall times equated to suicide.
Ezra lost his train of thoughts when Revo did something no one had ever done before. The unexpected. He mashed his lips with his. All tongue and teeth and no finesse, grinding his body against his. Ezra froze as the fierce and sharp taste of Revo flooded into his mouth.
Pre-Fall and Post-Fall, no one kissed an incubus on the mouth. Most men and women were only interested in his body and Ezra finally understood why. There was something terribly intimate about the gesture, a danger of being undone. Ezra responded, opening his mouth wider to let Revo’s prodding tongue in.
Revo released his lips. Ezra panted, eyes wide. His heart beat so loudly against his chest he knew Revo could hear it. Keeping Ezra’s hands restrained with one hand, Revo used his other to furiously unbuckle his belt.
“Wait. Please.”
The word “please” did the trick. Revo paused, looking annoyed. “What the fuck, did you change your mind? I gave you a choice and there’s no turning back. Once I start, I won’t stop.”
“No. I understand. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is stop. It’s justcan I ask why you did that? Kiss me?”
Ezra swallowed. The last thing he wanted was to spoil the mood.
“Fuck. You want to have a bloody heart-to-heart talk? Spare me.” Revo growled.
His words prickled at Ezra. “If this is how you treat all your boyfriends and lovers, I’m not surprised you’re still single, wolf.”
Ezra cringed the moment his words spilled out without thinking. Revo’s grip on his arms loosened. Revo disarmed him with a toothy grin. “Boyfriends? Don’t know the word. I don’t do shit like relationships. I see what I want. Take what I want.”
The hiss of his leather belt slid from his belt loops. Ezra squirmed. “Then why did you kiss me?”

“I want to taste all of you, the whole package.”
Copyright © 2019 Angelique Voisen