21 July 2015

Cover Reveal: Claiming Octavia + Making of a Romance Cover by Digital Artist Taria Reed.

I'm excited to reveal the cover for Claiming Octavia (Immortal Mates 2). Cover art is done by the lovely and talented Taria A. Reed. Taria also did an awesome video of designing the cover from start to finish.Check it out below :).

Blurb: Vicious killers for a powerful wolf pack, brothers Cassius and Cato live by a simple code. They do what they want, when they want, but the only female they’ve ever wanted can never be theirs. Savior, sire, pack gamma—Octavia hides a flawed and broken soul inside an eighteen-year-old immortal body. She’s close enough to touch, but far beyond their reach. Dark deeds breed black hearts, and Cas and Cat believe Octavia deserves better mates.

When Cat is taken hostage by an ancient evil, Cas has no choice but to ask for Octavia’s help. Trapped inside the nightmare of their hellish past, Cas and Cat soon learn the only way out is to go forward. To take the first step, they need to claim Octavia, but can something lasting come out of need and desperation?

Releasing from Liquid Silver Books: September 28th 2015.
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