6 June 2015

Our Sexy Galaxy #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to the 95th week of My Sexy Saturday.

In line with this week’s sci-fi romance theme, I’m posting a snippet from my MM space opera romance from Liquid Silver Books, Cinder and Char.

“Well, aren’t you going to answer me?” Cinder demanded.

He refused to be daunted or become unnerved by the way the large shifter was simply just looking at him. Was he assessing Cinder the way Cinder assessed him, or was he simply gauging how he could use Cinder to his advantage?

Whatever it was, Cinder wasn’t going to simply allow the attractive bozo to do with him whatever he liked. He’d even brought along a digital copy of the Intergalactic Employment Act in case Char wanted him to do something illegal.

“Indeed, my full title is Alpha Prince Char Charming of the Charming wolf clan, leader of all of Planet Woof.”

“That’s a mouthful,” Cinder remarked, slightly impressed.

Cinder and Char Blurb: The two things Cinder Relli loves the most in the galaxy are gorgeous men and high heels. When he’s offered a pair of glass high heels by a massive alpha werewolf claiming he’s the ruler of a planet far, far away, Cinder is skeptical, but both the heels and the man holding them are too gorgeous to resist.

Prince Char Charming of the Charming wolf clan believes he’s the luckiest man in the entire Ever-after Galaxy when he finds his fated mate in a strip club, but claiming Cinder is harder than he thought. When planetary rebellion, politics and betrayal get in the way of their romance, can Char still convince Cinder their love is worth fighting for? 

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