9 May 2015

Sexy Today #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS91

Welcome to the 91st week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is Sexy Today. In line with this, I’m posting a short snippet from my MM paranormal romance, Wrecking Havoc. In this scene, immortal wizard Havoc meets his young mate for the first time and realizes he’s drawn to Gale.

Resolve replaced fear. Seeing that Gale tightened his fists at his sides and his expression hardened, Havoc had to ask, “don’t you fear me, boy?”

“I’m fucking terrified, but I’m not going down like damn prey. I’m going to stare at death in the face and spit back at him.” Gale’s words reverberated through Havoc. They weren’t alike after all. If this boy could do what he could not—to cling so desperately to life—then Gale didn’t deserve to die.

Wrecking Havoc Blurb: During the course of his long life as an immortal wizard, Havoc has seen it all, done it all. Getting rid of an old enemy is a small price to pay to protect those he loves, and his family is the only reason he still hasn’t gone to the grave.

Havoc knew Gale never viewed him as a father figure like his brothers. He knows what Gale wants, but Havoc refuses to give in. Gale doesn’t know about his bloody past, or the monster he used to be. When old sins and buried ghosts begin to resurface, he expects Gale to start running, but Gale refuses to back down. If Gale continues heading down this destructive path, Havoc is afraid it isn’t just his heart Gale’s going to wreck. He’s going to undo them both. 

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