25 April 2015

Sexy Me Twice #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS89

Welcome to the 89th week of My Sexy Saturday.
 This week’s theme is Sexy Me Twice and this is where just once is not enough. Think lovers who can’t get enough of each other. Where they spend every waking moment together. And it’s in a very, very sexy way.

This week I'm posting a snippet from my latest MM paranormal release, Maelstrom. In this scene, Ulfric steals a kiss from Mael in the middle of the road.

Mael lost all reason when Ulfric kissed him, no, devoured his mouth, sucking, nibbling, and biting. Deepened the kiss and Mael sucked hard on his tongue, liking all that steel-hard flesh against his and equally hardening erection rubbing against his own.

Ulfric withdrew and left Mael panting and overcome with need. Let Mael see the dark desire settling in his gaze. With a single look, Ulfric told him the endless pleasure and torment he wanted to inflict on Mael’s body, and the knowledge Mael was helpless to resist, didn’t even bother with putting up much of a fight.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Ulfric growled, hands pulling over his shirt, fumbling for the button of his jeans.

“What if a car passes by?”

Maelstrom Blurb: Choices...  Mael has made too many bad ones under the shadow of his former master. Freed of his chains, yet emptied of purpose, Mael knows he’s beyond forgiveness. A single damning call from a former lover might steer him back into doing some good, even if it ends up killing him. 

Regrets... Werewolf alpha Ulfric Silverfang possesses a trunk full of them locked inside his heart. Losing his son is one of them, betraying his mate is another. When an opportunity arises for Ulfric to claim back his losses, failure isn’t an option, even if that means braving a maelstrom.

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