27 April 2015

Pre-order Available: Marius' Toy (Immortal Mates 1)

Pre-order links are up for Marius' Toy:
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Available: May 18th 2015 from Liquid Silver Books!

Blurb: Clan Romulus and Clan Remus. Two brothers and two werewolf clans separated by centuries of bloodshed and strife.

After centuries of bloodshed, Clan Romulus, the most powerful werewolf clan in modern Rome, has finally emerged victorious in the war against their rival pack. As  Romulus’s second-in-command, Marius only believes in two ironclad rules—protect his mate and uphold the honor of his pack. When his mate, Julius, rescues an injured and weak female shifter, it brings out the fierce and dominant urges in Marius. However, Siena Cole brings her share of problems. The werewolf who turned her is a member of Marius’s enemy pack, and if Marius and Julius want to claim her as their own, they risk re-igniting the war between the wolves of Rome.
Copyright © 2019 Angelique Voisen