11 April 2015

Are You Sexy? #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS87

Welcome to the 87th week of My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme is Are You Sexy and those characters who are sexy yet very comfortable about it. They’re comfortable about being in their own skin, being the best at something, heck, they’re comfortable on almost everything. But there is one thing they having quite mastered: love. We want to see those characters where they exude sexy, have a large following but haven’t yet found that special someone. We know once they do, it’s all over because they will only want to be sexy to them and no one else.

This week, I’m posting a 7-seven snippet from Merchandise, my erotic sci-fi menage. In this scene, Dyos notices the sexy nature of his mate, Brale, peeking out, despite inappropriate circumstances.


Brale’s slitted black eyes sat dark and heavy with desire in their sockets. Dyos let out a breath when Brale’s hand wandered possessively down the zipper of his flight suit and paused on over the visible bulge on his jeans.

“It has been a while since I’ve tasted you.”

Dyos attempted to bat his hand away, but Brale’s grip was inhumanly strong. He swallowed. Dyos’s eyes followed the line of corded muscles bunching under the sleeve of Brale’s skin-tight flight suit. Under normal circumstances, he’d let Brale do what he wanted. 

Blurb: Unlikely mates Brale and Dyos are space bounty hunters who exist outside the intergalactic planetary laws. Their two races might hold a centuries-old grudge against each other, but war is far from their agenda. They simply go where the space credits goes. When a wealthy client hires them to acquire rare merchandise from a cargo ship, Brale and Dyos leap at the opportunity for easy cash.

The hunters get more than they’ve bargain for when they discover the merchandise is a rare human female breeder. For Brale and Dyos, J is the perfect woman, but when certain politics come into play, J comes with a hefty price tag the two outlaws might not be able to pay.

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