4 April 2015

A Long Sexy Time #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS86

Welcome to the 86th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time, and I’m posting a snippet from my latest MM release, Ketogenic Wolf. In this scene, Sal realizes he's sick of waiting, even though he told Kal, his mate, he wanted to start slow.

Sal still clung pathetically to his dissipating pride, vainly keeping his hands from reaching out and ripping off both Kal’s clothes and his. Sal had no patience for the dating rituals he adamantly imposed on Kal to follow.

Tired of his fantasies, Sal wanted, no needed, to feel Kal’s heated skin kissing and colliding against his. To have Kal’s mouth and hands taking possession of his body, marking and claiming it as his.

Kal’s breath tickled his ear. “Did you forget so soon, Sal? I could smell your sharp arousal even before I stepped through your front door.”

Ketogenic Wolf Blurb: Sal Matthews has struggled with low-self esteem and health issues all his life. Being a werewolf doesn’t change anything. He’s tried every diet available, but Sal has never really been motivated until he sets his eyes on the dominant werewolf Kal Walker. Every inch of Kal screams dangerous, but Sal can’t keep away. 

After their old pack disbanded, Kal Walker and his brothers have a hard time integrating into the New Haven pack. Killing’s the only thing Kal’s good at and peace is a concept he’s been struggling with. He’s been unsure of his purpose until he meets Sal during a monster hunt. The insecure and submissive wolf calls all of his protective animalistic instincts to the surface, especially when a threat puts Sal’s life in danger.

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