21 March 2015

Very Sexy Tomorrow #MSS

Welcome to the 84th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is Our Sexy Tomorrow and there are a lot of ways an author can define this theme. It could be about a couple who’ve been together a long time. It could be about a coupl who is heading into a sexy tomorrow for the first time. It could lovers having one last time for whatever reason.

This week, I’m sharing  a 7-sentence snippet of Merchandise, my latest  sci-fi menage release. In this scene, Dyos meets Brale for the first time in the battlefield. Dyos makes the decision that would forever alter his tomorrow and the rest of his future.

His entire body trembled, wanting to be rid of his cumbersome armor so flesh could clash and collide.

Inappropriate and abhorrent thoughts.

What about the Cobrini company stationed just a few feet from them? Some part of Storm, the terrified part of him, wanted to be caught so this illogical charade would end. The other part of him didn’t care. Let the world condemn them. Let it see centuries of sown hatred unraveling and disappearing in a single night.

Blurb: Unlikely mates Brale and Dyos are space bounty hunters who exist outside the intergalactic planetary laws. Their two races might hold a centuries-old grudge against each other, but war is far from their agenda. They simply go where the space credits goes. When a wealthy client hires them to acquire rare merchandise from a cargo ship, Brale and Dyos leap at the opportunity for easy cash.

The hunters get more than they’ve bargain for when they discover the merchandise is a rare human female breeder. For Brale and Dyos, J is the perfect woman, but when certain politics come into play, J comes with a hefty price tag the two outlaws might not be able to pay.

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