14 March 2015

Sexy Me Up Saturday #MMS 83

Welcome to the 83rd week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is Sexy Me Up and while it’s hard to define, we can think of a lot of sexy scenarios that can be applied. This week, I’m posting a 7-sentence snippet from Cinder and Char, my MM space opera adaptation of the classic fairy tale. In this scene, Prince Char Charming of the Charming wolf clans falls in love as he sees his mate dance for the first time.

He watched each provocative sway of the stripper’s hips and devoured each seductive and playful wink. If Char had his way, those lovely long lashes would only flutter at him and he’d make sure only his eyes could feast on Cinder’s lovely, slender body.

Cinder, if Cinder was truly the stripper’s real name, sashayed on the stage, swaying to the music as if he couldn’t see or hear the rowdy crowd thrusting their credits at him.

“How about a private—” the miner beside Char was saying. It wasn’t purely reflex that drove his elbow into the man’s face, breaking the cretin’s nose. Cinder would be his. And very soon.

Blurb: The two things Cinder Relli loves the most in the galaxy are gorgeous men and high heels. When he’s offered a pair of glass high heels by a massive alpha werewolf claiming he’s the ruler of a planet far, far away, Cinder is skeptical, but both the heels and the man holding them are too gorgeous to resist.

Prince Char Charming of the Charming wolf clan believes he’s the luckiest man in the entire Ever-after Galaxy when he finds his fated mate in a strip club, but claiming Cinder is harder than he thought. When planetary rebellion, politics and betrayal get in the way of their romance, can Char still convince Cinder their love is worth fighting for?

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