12 March 2015

Cover Reveal: Merchandise

Today, I'm happy to unveil the cover for Merchandise, my upcoming standalone sci-fi erotic romance menage. The lovely cover is done by the talented Jay Aheer, who also did the covers for my Havoc's Crew series. 
Blurb: Unlikely mates Brale and Dyos are space bounty hunters who exist outside the intergalactic planetary laws. Their two races might hold a centuries-old grudge against each other, but war is far from their agenda. They simply go where the space credits goes. When a wealthy client hires them to acquire a rare merchandise from a cargo ship, Brale and Dyos leap at the opportunity for easy cash.

The hunters get more than they’ve bargain for when they discover the merchandise is a rare human female breeder. For Brale and Dyos, J is the perfect woman, but when certain politics come into play, J comes with a hefty price tag the two outlaws might not be able to pay.

Available from Evernight Publishing on March 18th 2015!
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