28 February 2015

An Addictive Sexy Saturday #MMS 81

Welcome to the 81st Week of My Sexy Saturday
This week's theme is My Sexy Addiction, so I'm posting a 7-sentence snippet from Johnny's Toy Soldier, my recent MM contemporary short story from Evernigtht Publishing. In this scene, Johnny realizes he isn’t capable of quenching his growing addiction and desire for Josh, his deceased brother’s ex.

The mention of Eli inevitably summoned weeks of pent-up shame and apprehension between us. After I kissed him the second time and he almost left, the tension between us only spiraled. Often, when I lay in bed, I kept thinking there was only a single hallway separating me from Josh. That kiss changed things between us, creating a screaming vortex of unspeakable need.

Always, that single vulnerable moment taunted and tormented me, even though it was a thousand ways wrong. Josh was hurting bad, and so was I. Was it really so wrong that we sought each other out for comfort?

Blurb: Learning his older brother's unit came back one man short devastated Johnny Santiago beyond words. The only way he can deal with his grief is to blame Josh Miller, his brother’s best friend and lover—but how can Josh blame a broken soldier?

Josh’s pain cuts Johnny deep, and when he makes the hasty decision to comfort him, he didn’t know a single kiss could change everything.

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