7 February 2015

A Sexy Saturday Date #MSS 78

Welcome to the 7th Week of My Sexy Saturday 
In line with this week's date theme, I'm posting a 7-sentence snippet from Cinder and Char, my MM space opera fairy-tale adaptation from Liquid Silver Books. In this scene, Cinder experiences life-changing enlightenment that the prince who bought him doesn't just want him for sex, but as a mate. 

“If you must know, I rank my dancing, my clothes, heels and accessories above men, even drop-dead gorgeous brutes who happened to be princes.”

“I know, Cinder.”

Char blew across Cinder’s skin, delighted by the other man’s shiver. He made sure his eyes were level with Cinder’s, so the other man could see the ferocity of the passion there.

“I’m not going to get in between what you love, or even attempt to change you. When I said I want you, I mean I want everything of you.”

Cinder let out a shaky breath. 

Blurb: The two things Cinder Relli loves the most in the galaxy are gorgeous men and high heels. When he’s offered a pair of glass high heels by a massive alpha werewolf claiming he’s the ruler of a planet far, far away, Cinder is skeptical, but both the heels and the man holding them are too gorgeous to resist.

Prince Char Charming of the Charming wolf clan believes he’s the luckiest man in the entire Ever-after Galaxy when he finds his fated mate in a strip club, but claiming Cinder is harder than he thought. When planetary rebellion, politics and betrayal get in the way of their romance, can Char still convince Cinder their love is worth fighting for? 

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