24 January 2015

Welcome to a "You're So Sexy Saturday" #MSS 76

Welcome to the 76th Week of My Sexy Saturday
For this week’s “You’re so Sexy” theme, I’m posting a 7-sentence snippet from Faith, my FF dark fantasy romance.

“Do you trust me?” Maya asked, her voice thick, lazy, and unlike her. Her usually cold eyes had bled to a midnight blue. So dark, they could swallow her whole. She sensed vulnerability lingered in those eyes. A single word from her could cut out the remaining bits and pieces of humanity still lingering inside her.

She should say no, those words could turn the other woman back to cold marble. Faith briefly marveled at how much power a single word contained, but she had made her decision.

In a society where a common servant girl doesn’t have much in the way of prospects, Faith’s plain appearance and sharp tongue make a good match even more unlikely. But finding a husband is the least of Faith’s worries when she finds herself caught between a beautiful swordswoman and her grotesque, monstrous prey.

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