17 January 2015

So Sexy Saturday #MMS 75th Week

Welcome to the 75th Week of My Sexy Saturday

For this week’s “I’m So Sexy” theme, I’m sharing a 7-sentence snippet from my recent M/M paranormal romance, High Voltage. In this scene, Heath finally gets the man of his dreams to bed for the first time, but he also realizes his attraction to his teacher might lead to his undoing.

With each damning thrust, Heath knew he was losing his sense of self. Little by little, he was giving in to Volt’s claiming, and he wasn’t certain he could find his way out.

“May I come, master?” Heath managed. He wanted to say more, but Volt’s mouth descended viciously on his.

Heat leaped from him to Volt, but a part of Heath knew the heat that came from their passion wasn’t a fire that could burn for a long time. It was electricity- sharp, brief, and more damaging.

Volt’s mouth consumed him, eager to reach for his soul.

Blurb: There’s a new player in Lyon City powerful enough to shut down the city’s electric lines and the job is right up Volt’s alley. Volt isn’t always the easiest man or wizard to deal with. The only person sane enough to put up with his bullshit is his apprentice, tabby shifter Heath Bones, but even Heath’s patience is running out.

He wants Volt badly, but the elemental only cares about his work and his brothers at Havoc’s Crew. Quitting his job and leaving Volt is the best decision he’s ever made, right until he’s taken hostage by a major league demon.

Vanquishing demons, rescuing damsels and ravishing them after is all part and parcel of being a member of Havoc’s Crew, but Heath isn’t just any damsel. The more Volt tries to sizzle his desire for his apprentice into nothing, the more it threatens to explode into high voltage.

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