31 January 2015

Sexy Thoughts, Sexy Saturday #MSS 77

Welcome to the 77th Week of My Sexy Saturday 
For this week’s theme, I’m sharing a 7-sentence snippet of Sunshine and Leather, my latest MM short story from Evernight Publishing. In this scene, Sol realizes for the first time how his submission to Aries can be a positive experience.

His ears caught the delicious sound of slithering leather. Aries was pulling off his belt, using it to keep Sol’s hands bound behind his back. The leather against his wrist felt…what did it feel?

It felt unbelievably good and right. It gave him the illusion of being restrained, but he knew he could tell Aries to stop anytime. Sol didn’t know why he trusted the man so much, but he did. Despite his size and appearance, Aries handled him like he was going to break at any moment.

Blurb: A miserable phone tech by day and a dedicated gamer by night, Sol Daniels doesn’t have much of a life. Now because of a werewolf bite, he’s out in the streets in the middle of the night, looking for some action with another shifter to ease his ache. He’s not hoping for much. Sol knows he isn’t a catch, so he’s surprised to hook up with leather-wearing werewolf Detective Aries Sanders.

Aries has been looking all over the city for the man he’d bitten and given his gift. It’s just his luck he sees Sol slumped at a bar, looking lost and dejected during mating season. Aries knows all Sol needs is a firm, loving and permanent dominant werewolf mate, but Sol has the impression all Aries wants is a one-night stand. Can he convince the needy new wolf what he wants is a commitment?

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