27 January 2015

New Release: Sunshine and Leather (Romance on the Go)

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer
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Blurb: A miserable phone tech by day and a dedicated gamer by night, Sol Daniels doesn’t have much of a life. Now because of a werewolf bite, he’s out in the streets in the middle of the night, looking for some action with another shifter to ease his ache. He’s not hoping for much. Sol knows he isn’t a catch, so he’s surprised to hook up with leather-wearing werewolf Detective Aries Sanders.

Aries has been looking all over the city for the man he’d bitten and given his gift. It’s just his luck he sees Sol slumped at a bar, looking lost and dejected during mating season. Aries knows all Sol needs is a firm, loving and permanent dominant werewolf mate, but Sol has the impression all Aries wants is a one-night stand. Can he convince the needy new wolf what he wants is a commitment?


“Don’t cover yourself.” Aries’ growl made all the hairs of Sol’s neck stand. “I want to see you, all of you. You understand, sunshine? Cover your gorgeous body up again and I’ll bend you over my knee.”
Aries’ words made Sol weak in the knees. He was confused. A part of him actually wanted to fall over the other man’s broad and muscled lap and feel the heat of Aries’ hand coming down on his bottom. Sol shuddered, his hands shaking as they fell to his sides.
“Perfect. Just perfect,” Aries murmured.
Aries sat against the sofa, and it felt odd to be the only one standing and exposed. Like he displayed himself solely for the pleasure of the other man. Sol wasn’t the kind of man most men and women desired, so a part of him still refused to believe anyone would want him this badly.
Cold and uncertain, he trembled until Aries pulled him to his lap.
“Hush, Sol. You have no reason to fear me, so just relax and enjoy yourself.”
“This is all wrong. I don’t know why I’m reacting like this.”
The press of Aries’ damning and hungry lips silenced Sol’s next words. The other shifter’s large hands sliding across his bare flesh made him shudder. His touch firm, possessive and leaving a trail of goose bumps.
Sol leaned into Aries, eager to rub his bare flesh against all that hard muscle.
The force of Aries’ desire flooded through his mouth like a broken dam, effectively silencing all his silly hesitations and worries. Sol groaned against Aries, who sucked tenderly on his bottom lip. Aries’ mouth felt unbelievably good.
Some part of Sol was aware of his needy and rising cock, but he no longer felt embarrassed or worried.
Their tongues touched each other tentatively at first before twining like mating snakes. Sol opened his mouth to let Aries’ demanding tongue inside, let the other man thrust his way in. He enjoyed Aries’ hands wandering across his body. Aries didn’t comment, didn’t make fun of the body Sol had always felt awkward and ashamed about. The other man handled him like an object worthy of desire and attention. Like a gift.
It thrilled Sol to the core. Fire licked at his belly and his cock, and his balls drew in tight against him.
“I want…” Sol panted when Aries stopped fucking his mouth.
“What do you want, sunshine?”
“You.” The admission and need flowed out of him easily this time.
“I know, sunshine. First, I’ll give you what you badly need.”

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