31 January 2015

New Release: The Lady and Her Assassin 2

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique
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Blurb:Lady Valerie Sinclair is just Val, the peasant girl now. Running out on her influential family and her fiancée, Val thought she finally got her happy ending. Unfortunately, her fiancée wants her back and he’s willing to pay ruthless criminals to find her. It’s a good thing Val has her blind assassin to protect her. Ray’s the sole reason Val left her home in the first place, but lately, Val’s beginning to suspect Ray’s losing interest. Can Val convince Ray she’s still worth keeping before her fiancée’s men find her?

Ray hasn’t felt this worn or well-used in ages. Dispatching the men after Val isn’t a problem. She quit her order to be with Val, so she isn’t sure what has gotten the former lady’s undergarments in a twist. Perhaps all Val needs is a little reminder why she chose Ray in the first place.

Ray snorted, jerking at her wrist, but Val refused to bulge.

“I’m not moving until you apologize to me properly, fiend.”

“And if I decide to leave you here?”

“You wouldn’t,” Val replied smugly.

“Oh really?”

“I’m quite certain you love me too much to leave me in some random street, alone and vulnerable.” Val had actually never heard Ray curse under her breath before, but she did so now.

A smile spread itself across her lips. She’d hit the mark. She curled her arm over the assassin and suggestively rubbed her bosom against her.

“You know, Ray. Those terrible men said such horrible things to me, like tying me to a table and what not. It was awful.”

Naturally, her plan backfired, as it usually did. A frightening smile appeared on the assassin’s lips. Ray seldom smiled, but when she did, Val had a bad feeling that it was amusement on her behalf.

“What if I tied you to a table?”

Val nearly balked at the lewd suggestion, but coming from Ray’s lips, it sounded strangely and wonderfully erotic. She was suddenly aware of the moisture gathering in her undergarments. The assassin leaned closer to her.

“Val, I can smell your arousal. You’re already wet, aren’t you?”

“No, of course not,” Val said defensively, raising her chin.

Ray continued. “You badly want me to tie you on the table and have my way with you, don’t you?”

The assassin’s words went right into her core. Unable to help herself, Val shivered. She was wetter and more aroused than ever.

“No. Don’t be ridiculous.”

Ray’s impossibly strong hands shoved her against the wall. Val let out a sound far too eager to be a protest. The wall felt rough against her back and so did the leather armor Ray wore. The assassin took both her arms and placed them above her head.

“If you insist on lying, I’m just going to have to find out for myself.”

“There might be some passersby.”

Val didn’t care about onlookers. All she cared about was Ray dislodging one hand from her arm and slipping down her horrendously long skirt.

“Let them look.”

Keeping both her hands restrained with one hand, Ray’s other hand trailed down her neck and blouse. The motion was slow and deliberate. Val vainly rubbed herself against the assassin’s hard leather armor, practically thrusting herself against her.

“Please, Ray.”

“You’re already begging?” Ray sounded amused. “I haven’t even started undressing you. You’re such a whore, Val.”

Val leaned her head forward so her lips could bite at Ray’s left earlobe. “I’m only a slutty whore for you. No one else.”

“Absolutely right. Your sweet, little body belongs to me.”

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