10 January 2015

A Sexy New Year #MSS 74th Week

  Welcome to the 74th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Everyone knows the New Year is all about new beginnings. In line with this week’s theme, I’m posting a 7-paragraph snippet from my recent ménage release, Mating Two Bears. In this scene, Emi confesses how her captivity unexpectedly gives her freedom.

Emi settled herself against the hard muscles of his chest contently, while she ran her slender fingers on Sora’s forearm.
“I grew up surrounded by castle walls, doing all I was taught. I sang, danced, and played endless games with poisonous courtiers when my father demanded. I was going to marry a man I didn’t love at his command, too.”
“That sounds incredibly lonely,” Dai observed.
Emi laughed bitterly. “For the first time in my life, I’m making my own decisions and it feels wonderful.”
Sora kissed her gently on the lips, tasting her sorrow.
“We’ll promise you this, Emi. We’re never going to cage you. With us, you’re free to do whatever you wish.”
She surprised him by burying her head against his chest, beginning to weep. Their adventurous, bold, and strong Emi let out all those years of frustration, pain, and misery, and all they could do was hold her steady.

Blurb: Waking up from an enchanted sleep with no idea where she was, Princess Emiko didn’t think things could get any worse. The fates prove her wrong when she’s captured not just by one, but two lawless bear-shifting bandits. When Dai and Sora claim she’s not just their prisoner, but also their mate and bearer of their cubs, Emi wishes she were still stuck in an enchanted sleep.

Lovers Dai and Sora are fabled warriors of the dying Black Bear Clan, and it’s up to them to continue their bloodline. Initially delighted by the feisty and uptight woman they’ve captured, they soon learn they’ve gotten more than they’ve bargain for when they discovered Emi is a royal princess. The more she surpasses all their expectations, the more they believe Emi is the right woman for them.

Can two uncouth bandits convince a royal that there’s more to them than animal savagery?

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