12 November 2014

NaNoWrimo Week 2 Inspiration Post and Bastard's Pride Cover Reveal

Dealing with Slog Week
Some NaNoWriMO-ers consider week two as slog week.

It’s when all the momentum and enthusiasm from the first week dies down and you begin running out of words to write. Somehow, the unfair drama of life also manages to butt in, and you’re sucked into a standstill.

You keep thinking: ‘I’ll just hold off writing today, add today’s word count to tomorrow’s. I’ll just have to work twice as hard’, but when you see your projected number of words per day increasing on your counter, you panic. 
So how do you keep your spirits up? Is pacing a problem? Do you write in unpredictable bursts or do you pace when you write?

I used to be a pantser, but these days I keep to a daily word count and rely on my rough outline.  I find it’s a more effective way to write- for me anyway. 

The writing process is different for everyone and its only logical to stick to a method you find most effective. If you haven’t found it, then don’t be afraid to experiment.

Every serious scrivener is in it for the long haul. So keep on writing and write hard.

Need More Inspiration?
Here’s Author Anne R. Allen’s post on the 8 Things that are More Important than Talent for Writing Success.

Author Elizabeth Spann Craig’s latest Twitterific Writing Links. 

 Now to Bastard’s Pride’s cover reveal.

I really liked all of the covers by Harris Channing for all the books in The Spectrum series and Bastard’s Pride is no exception. For those who’ve read Taming Icarus, this book is a continuation of Gus, Iris and Chris’s story.

Short Blurb: Gus Terrel and Iris Donovan are soul mates on the verge of splitting apart. The only thing they’ve both wanted is Chris Skinner. To obtain her, they called in a special favor. The debt’s being called in and if they don’t act smart, they might just lose Chris and each other.

If there are no changes, Bastard's Pride will be released on 26th of November, so stay tuned for more updates. For future Spectrum books, I'm currently working on book 5, which features a MMF pairing. 
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