15 November 2014

My Sexy Saturday Week 68: Feisty Mates & Bacon Sundaes

Welcome to the 68th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is I’m too sexy. We’re not talking about those arrogant boys who really aren’t sexy. We’re talking about those who are and those who are a little over the top about it. Sure, sometimes there is that arrogant hero, or heroine, who will tell you they are too sexy for whatever task put before them. Then comes the fall. And we love to read about the fall.

For this week's hop, I'm posting a 7-sentence of His Bacon Sundae Werewolf. In this scene, bad boy and lone werewolf Jules finally discovers his new mate isn't as meek and submissive as he seems.

“You’re really asking for it aren’t you?” The marked change in Pat’s personality and the dark look of desire in his intense gaze made Jules shiver.

This confident and dominant Pat was new to him and he wasn’t sure he could ever get used to it. Was this the true and unbroken Pat, not the man who grieved for his lost mate? Or was this the man whose soul was torn apart because he couldn’t change into a wolf over the years? Or was it the wolf riding the man himself?

Whatever it was, Jules decided he liked it. Liked it very much. 

After his mate died from cancer, Pat Bolton closed his heart to love. Despite the support of his pack, Pat wants to follow his mate into death…until he meets Jules Gutierrez. Enigmatic, gorgeous and funny, Jules embodies everything Pat wants in a new mate. Unfortunately, Pat suspects Jules isn’t straight or a werewolf.

Behind his easygoing mask, Jules is a lone werewolf driven by revenge. Hot on the trail of a killer who brutally murdered his mate years ago, Jules has no time for distractions.

Werewolves mate for life. When their mates die, they soon follow, so Jules doesn’t understand why both he and his beast are inexplicably drawn to Pat. Grief brought them together, but with a dangerous killer on the loose, will they be able to reconcile their differences and let go of old ghosts in order to move forward?

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