1 November 2014

My Sexy Saturday Bloghop 66th Week

Welcome to the 66th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is a sexy date night. We all know what a sexy date night is. Everyone has had that wonderfully sexy man ask us out and just knew it was going to be a very special time. More recently, we’re heard the words date night spoken of with reverence as parents take a night away from their children. No matter what your concept of date night may be, we’d love to hear all about that wonderful evening.

To celebrate Gluten-free Gamma climbing ARe’s Top 50 Bestseller list this week, I’m posting a 7-sentence snippet. In this scene, Al's on Terrence's motorcycle and they're on their way to Terrence's apartment.

Come to think of it, Al couldn’t even remember the last time he even had a date. His pants suddenly felt two sizes too small, and he couldn’t wait to get out of them. He could feel his balls drawing tightly against him and his cock heavy with need.

“Fuck. Are you always this horny?”

“I’m not always horny,” Al protested.

Beginning to have second thoughts, Al uncomfortably shifted his arms around, but Terrence only gripped his arm.

“It wasn’t an insult. It’s just so fucking sweet how you’re so hot for me.”

Alvin Heinz is a gluten-challenged Gamma werewolf who can pick any mate in the New Haven pack, but the only mate he wants is the only wolf he cannot have.

Terrence Neo is one of the pack’s fiercest enforcers. Chained to his past and shattered by the rejection of his former mate, he’s sworn to lead a solitary existence. The rest of the wolves respect his decision, but not Al.

When Terrence’s old mate returns to New Haven seeking to win him back, Al refuses to let the Beta go, but is Terrence willing to fight for their future, or will he allow himself to be lured back into the chains of his past?
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