22 November 2014

A Sexy Thanksgiving: My Sexy Saturday Week 69

Welcome to the 69th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is our sexy Thanksgiving. We know what you’re thinking. Thanksgiving is about families. What’s more sexy than family? 

This week, I'm posting a 7-sentence snippet of Fat-free Alpha (Wolves of New Haven 5). In this scene, Carlos, the pack alpha finally realizes how much Reed, his estranged mate and only family, means to him.

Carlos remembered Reed’s words and the solemn expression accompanying his mate’s face. 

“I meant what I said, Carlos. After you, I’ve never taken another mate. I belong to you and will always belong to you. Distance and time doesn’t change anything.”

All his new wolves did everything they could to be with their fated mates. They shed blood, nearly lost their lives battling monsters, and risked all to earn their happy endings.

Why couldn’t Carlos, the New Haven pack Alpha, do the same?

Blurb: Carlos Medina has his hands full controlling his unruly pack, especially when his wolves are plagued by some sort of health condition preventing them from acting like proper predators. Not that Carlos is a shining example. With his high cholesterol levels, he can’t deal with both his health and an invading enemy wolf pack. 

The enemy offers a one-on-one fight to the death, and Carlos accepts to save his wolves. When he finds out his opponent is the man who shattered his heart long ago, he’s only happy to rip out Reed’s throat. 
Reed Williams has always placed the needs of his pack first. When Reed sees it's Carlos he has to fight, he decides it’s about time he placed his needs ahead of his pack. All that’s left is preventing his old mate from tearing him apart.

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