18 October 2014

My Sexy Saturday Bloghop (64th Week) #MSS

Welcome to the 64th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week’s theme is a sexy thriller. We’re talking about well…thrillers…like those commonly seen in mysteries or suspense or even zombie books where the heroine and hero are thrown together for whatever reason. They could be a likely or unlikely pair. You decide.

You know what we like. Give us the scenes that best show us your sexy characters and their sexy romance in a thriller type atmosphere. Tell us the whole story on how they fell in love, what they do to stay in love and all the little details in between. Show us the good, the bad and the ugly as it’s those situations which pull us closer to those characters.

For this week’s hop...

I’m posting a 7-sentence snippet from Defective Desires, my upcoming steampunk paranormal m/m novella, from Liquid Silver Books. 

In this scene, Cod, an anemic vampire, is on the way to the apartment of his seemingly mortal date, Biff. Unfortunately, the dirigible they’re on explodes.

“I don’t care why anyone in the world would want to kill you. Do something!” Cod hissed.

“I’m thinking!” Biff wrenched Cod’s grip from him.

Cod was about to brandish more severe insults, but the jerky motions of the aircraft silenced him. The flames ran out of balloon canvas to devour, forcing the dirigible to careen and dangerously tip over to one side.

Anemic vampire Codrick Conell Cornelius didn’t know that a blind date would lead to a near-death experience from a burning dirigible. If the fall doesn’t kill his near-human body, the gorgeous defective werewolf Biff Buffington will. Can two supernatural defects work together in order to stay alive?

Coming in November 2014 from Liquid Silver Books.

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