1 September 2014

Book Spotlight: Highland Passage by J.L Jarvis

Today, I'm happy to welcome Author J.L Jarvis. Welcome, J.L! Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us your latest release, Highland Passage

In this Scottish time travel romance, Mackenzie Cooper has had it with romance. On her way home from another blind date arranged by her well-meaning sister, she is caught in a snowstorm. While maneuvering the twists and turns of the icy road, Mackenzie loses control of her car and crashes into the rocky hillside.

When a rugged Scotsman pulls her to safety, Mackenzie is sure she must be hallucinating. Through the storm’s fury, he takes her to shelter in one of the mysterious stone chambers scattered throughout Putnam County, New York. Snowbound, Mackenzie must wait out the storm with this strange, kilted man who claims to be a Highlander from eighteenth-century Scotland. By morning, she not only believes Ciarán MacRae’s story but has also lost her heart just in time for him to kiss her, promise his love—and then vanish.

Unable to forget him, Mackenzie returns again and again to the stone chamber, hoping to unlock the secret of Ciarán’s disappearance. But if she does, she will have to decide whether her fierce feelings for Ciarán are worth abandoning all that she knows to travel through time to find her gallant Scotsman.
“Are you going to hurt me?” she asked.

“Hurt you?” He looked annoyed. “Lass, do you not think I’d have done it by now if I wanted to?” His anger faded as he saw the fear in her eyes. “Och, you wee fool. I told you that I wouldnae harm you, but I will keep you warm if you’ll let me.” He looked at her, his outstretched arms suspended between embrace and retreat. With a nod, he lowered his arms. “Aye, well, I’ll not put you in fear. I’ll stay over here by the wall. Warm yourself by the fire. I give you my word, I’ll not trouble you.”

She eyed him as he put distance between them. She drew farther away, as close to the fire as she could get without snow falling on her. She needed to make her way home. He might fall asleep, and she could steal away into the darkness. With any luck, the snow would keep up long enough to cover her tracks. Her house wasn’t far down the road. If she could make it there, she could call someone for help.

But what would she tell anyone she might call? A stranger pulled me from a wreck and warmed me by the fire, where he proceeded not to lay a hand on me? There must be a local ordinance against unsolicited gentlemanliness. Yeah… and those long, powerful legs ought to be outlawed. She’d had quite a good look at them. Under normal circumstances, she’d be wary of him for far different reasons. Men like him drew attention from everyone. Who would want a lifetime of being judged unworthy beside someone as good-looking as him?

Whoa, Mac. You’re supposed to be planning your escape, not your marriage!

She glanced at him. True to his word, he hadn’t moved; he wasn’t even looking at her. The firelight caught his profile as he stared into the night. She studied him further. Hair dark as black coffee, full lips—probably soft and warm. Good grief, Mac. Get a grip.
As though hearing her, he turned and made eye contact. “’Tis wise for you to be cautious. You dinnae ken me, so you’ve no reason to trust me. But I wish you’d not fear me. I’ve done naught to harm you.”

She hugged her knees. “So far.”

“Mac? Do you not ken me?” His expression was tinged with frustration. “I mean know.”

“I know what ken means.” His gaze troubled her. Unbidden sorrow haunted his eyes. Her heart ached as she whispered, “Please stop.”

He shook his head slightly. She might not have seen it had he not turned to the fire with his clenched jaw.

Mac said, “Don’t look at me like that.”

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Author Bio
J.L. Jarvis graduated from the University of Illinois and worked in opera and musical theatre (New York City Opera, Houston Grand Opera, national tours of Broadway shows, and summer stock). When she tired of starving, she attended the University of Houston, where she obtained a teaching certificate, a law degree, and a love of research and writing. A year of family law practice convinced her that she should instead teach and write, which she now happily does.

You can find J.L. online at jljarvis.com. Sign up for news of upcoming releases at news.jljarvis.com.

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