9 August 2014

New Release: The Lady and Her Assassin

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing 
Cover: Dawne Dominique 

Blurb: Ray comes from an elite order of blind assassins. Emotions don’t touch her and only profit moves her. Her current assignment seems simple enough. For a generous bounty, all she has to do is kill an influential noblewoman, except Lady Valerie Sinclair is more than she seems. 

Killing always came easy to Ray, so why does she keep delaying her task?

Val is a young widow from a noble family who needs to re-marry. She’s always been an obedient daughter to her father and a loyal wife to her first husband, but Val doesn’t want to go through the ordeal of being tied to a man she doesn’t love a second time. It doesn’t help she has a sneaking suspicion she’s being stalked by an assassin. 

Val is used to being surrounded by unseen enemies out for her blood. Could death's untimely arrival be just what she needs?

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Adult Excerpt
“I…” Val couldn’t speak. The words felt thick in her throat—stuck.

“Enough words,” Ray said. Not saying another word, the assassin pulled Val toward her.

Not resisting, Val eagerly yielded to the other woman’s kiss. Ray’s rough fingers were surprisingly gentle as they lifted the hem of her negligee. The way they glided over her flesh said a number of things that were better left unsaid.

Ray pulled off the negligee, and the cold air raised goose bumps on Val’s skin. Ray was right. Enough words. Val shivered when Ray’s hand slid past her neck and down her left breast. Val let out a surprised squeak when Ray squeezed one nipple between forefinger and thumb. 

Heat colored her face, and she was glad the other woman couldn’t see her expression. Ray lowered her head and closed her mouth over her hardening nipple. The sensation of Ray’s careful lips and the occasional teeth on her breast was a different one than Val had ever known. Moaning softly, Val fisted one hand into Ray’s hair to keep her there.

Val was no virgin, but all she ever experienced were the clumsy touches of her elderly first husband. Making love to him felt nothing but a duty. This was different though. Moistness gathered between her legs. Ray then bit into her breast, coaxing a strange mixture of pain and pleasure from her. Val let out a soundless cry, and before she could recover, Ray lifted her right breast and flicked her tongue over it.

She bit hard enough to leave a mark, I wonder what my fiancée would say about that, when he takes me to bed tomorrow and sees the imprint of teeth left by another woman on his new possession. 

Val didn’t waste time pondering a thought she found no longer disturbed her as it should have. When Ray’s mouth closed on her right breast, Val was no longer capable of thinking straight. By the time Ray was done with her right breast, Val’s nipples were as hard stones. She also panted and desperately rubbed herself against Ray’s skin.

“Liked that?” Ray asked. One hand snaked toward the back of her neck, the other trailed with deliberate slowness down her chest, ribs, and stomach.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Val whispered. Her body felt like a plucked violin, straining desperately in need. She wanted feel those wonderful wandering fingers do more than touch her skin.

“Only if you beg for it, Lady Valerie,” Ray whispered against her ear. Her fingers now wove themselves into her pubic hair, tugging suddenly. Val let out a strangled breath as slight pain shot through her.

“Please, Ray. Please fuck me,” Val managed, groaning when Ray thumbed her clit back and forth. “Please…Gods, stop tormenting me and just fuck me.”
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