29 August 2014

My Sexy Saturday Bloghop #57 (Aug 29 2014)

Welcome to the 57th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week, we’re traveling the universe as we give our wonderful sci-fi romance, of any subgenre, a nod to entertaining us with their wonderful stories. Have you ever wondered just what those sexy sci-fi girls are thinking when they write those fantastic stories? Well, here’s your chance to see just how good they are at weaving their unforgetable stories.

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This week, I'm posting a 7-paragraph snippet of my current unnamed m/m sci-fi paranormal romance (I love experimenting with genres).

“The mobile fighter Catapult-D is going to be our baby. It employs both the Penetrating Executioner and the Penetrating Destroying End, and it can find an opponent craft’s weakness,” Ris explained, patting the sleek silver hood of the special mecha.

The Catapult-D gleamed at Caru in all its glory like a menacing snake waiting to strike. Caru’s reports called the mecha a Doughnut. What a name to call the terrifying mobile figher, the death machine most military leaders in the Galaxy feared.

Caru didn’t catch all of Ris’s words, only the words ‘penetrating’ and ‘ours’. ‘Penetrating’ was used far too much for his liking. Images of Ris running his rough and callused hands across his thighs and parting them ran through his head like a Vid on repeat. Caru shuddered.

Gods of the galaxy, did he have a dirty mind.

“All the Doughnuts respond to action and reaction, hate and desire.” Ris’s gaze speared through him, making his cock perk up in his tight flight suit.

Damn. Caru knew he could drown in those eyes. His gaze dropped below Ris’s face.  Ris’s flight suit fitted his well-toned body like a second skin, and the pilot knew Caru was checking him out. Did Ris know the little zipper peeking out of his flight suit was driving Caru mad? It would be so easy, to hold the tiny piece of metal and yank it all the way down to expose the hard expense of Ris’s chest.

Hate and desire. Action and reaction. Caru had to remember why he was there in the first place. His primary mission was to gather intelligence from the enemy. Ris and the other pilots of the Doughnut Reserve worked for the Intergalactic Garuda Empire, the enemies of his dying homeworld. Caru couldn’t afford to fall for his enemy.

Series Blurb
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Doughnuts. When your homeworld’s in turmoil, call in the Doughnut Reserve.

Left for dead by the leaders of their feral homeworld, three genetically flawed shifters were trained by the Intergalactic Garuda Empire to pilot special aerial crafts. These state-of-the-art mechas, these death machines, only respond to the pilots of the Doughnut Reserve.

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