26 August 2014

#MFRW Book Hooks (August 27 2014)

Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog

Welcome to This Week’s #MFRW Book Hooks

This week I’m posting 6 to 8 sentences from my upcoming m/m/m erotic paranormal romance release, Poisonous Parley, from Evernight Publishing.


Adriel’s vision finally flickered to darkness. Vaguely, he felt himself being dragged and thrown over someone’s shoulder like a sack of flour. Gods, what a fool he was.

What possessed him to slip under Lionel’s protection and foolishly venture out on his own? Would Lionel even reach him in time before the pirates’ ship sailed to god knew where?

For that matter, would the werewolf even bother? Knowing his hired bodyguard, Adriel’s kidnapping would only be Lionel’s prime source of amusement. Lionel would even pay to see Adriel sold off like some exotic sex slave, or even thrown into waters swirling with man-eating sharks.

The last thing Lord Adriel Claremont expects is being kidnapped by Dabnis, the most vicious pirate in the Domo Empire. It’s up to his well-paid werewolf bodyguard to track him down, but Adriel suspects Lionel would rather see him sold off to slavery or get eaten by sharks.

Lionel didn’t devote his entire life to be part of an elite brotherhood of werewolf mercenaries to baby sit a spoiled lord. Only profit moves him, but when Adriel goes missing, Lionel doesn’t understand why he’d do whatever it takes to retrieve his employer.

Coming soon from Evernight Publishing this September.

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