5 July 2014

The Blogging Platform Debate & That 187.4 Magic Number

News: My sweet fantasy romance, Steel and Shadow, has reached #1 on Sweet Cravings Publishing's Bestseller list. Again, thank you to all those who've bought the book!

From Romance University:
Creating a WordPress Author Site in Four Easy Lessons with Pat Haggerty

You pickup just about any, “For Authors” periodical these days and you can’t turn more than a handful of pages without tripping over an article extolling the wonders, the sheer necessity of a web presence. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on and on, and they each have their purpose, but authors need a place on the web to call home; they need a site with an address that can go on business cards and in blogs they write for other sites. A place where readers, publishers, and editors alike can find definitive information on release dates, author bios, and yes, find fun or purely entertaining things too…

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Books this summer:

Steel & Shadow, (NA romance fantasy from SCP) Now Available!

Taming Icarus, (Urban fantasy ménage from Siren Publishing) Now Available!
Sugar-free Beta (m/m paranormal romance from Evernight Publishing) July 2014
The Assassin and Her Lady (f/f fantasy romance from SCP)
The Wolf and His Moon Prince (m/m paranormal romance from Siren Publishing) Aug/Sept 2014
Faith (f/f fantasy romance from Decadent Publishing)

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