25 July 2014

Cover Reveal: The Wolf and His Moon Prince

A werewolf and a hard soldier, Rin is the right man for the right job. Tasked with bringing back the fabled Moon Princess for the crown prince of Yamato, Rin is delighted when the princess turns out to be a prince. 

Rin is used to training potential royal playthings for his master, but Midori baffles him. Both Rin’s human half and wolf half badly want Midori, and it’s a supreme test of his will to surpass his desire for the prince’s future plaything.

Midori is initially sceptical of the crass and forceful Rin, but he can’t deny his scorching attraction to the steely-eyed soldier. When he starts falling for his captor, Midori realizes it’s not a royal prince he wants, but his stubborn wolf. 

But will Rin be able to set aside his duty in order to fight for what’s rightfully his?

A M/M paranormal alternative erotic romance coming from Siren Publishing under in August 2014.

The Wolf and His Moon Prince is the first book under a series set in Yamato, an alternative version of medieval Japan, where nothing is what it seems. Mischievous spirits freely roam the countryside, celestial half-spawns fall to the earth with terrifying frequency and men change into beasts at the turn of the moon.

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