5 June 2014

Tease Me Thursday #13 The Power of Gay Bloghop

Welcome to my first Tease Me Thursday Bloghop

The bloghop features seven words, seven sentences, or seven paragraphs from an author’s WIP or book.

Today I’m featuring a seven-sentence snippet of my current WIP, The Wolf and the Moonprince, a paranormal erotic romance set in medieval Japan.

Teased to bursting point, Midori had trouble obeying, but he eventually managed despite Rin’s clever and persistent fingers. Despite his harsh appearance and the way he carried himself, the way Rin stroked his cock betrayed his often hidden tender nature. He stroked and caressed Midori like he was his most precious object in the world. 

“Now. Come now,” Rin gasped.

Midori was like a stringed kabuki puppet, shuddering with relief as he finally came. He may be a puppet, but it wasn’t a loathsome thought because he was a willing one. If he could, he’d let Rin run strings all over his body so he could feel like this over and over again.


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