20 June 2014

Summer Lovin' Blog Hop (20-23 June 2014) #HopswithHeart #eroticfantasy #menage #romancefantasy

Welcome to the Summer Lovin' Bloghop!
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For this hop, I'll be posting a short explicit excerpt of Taming Icarus, my erotic fantasy novella, coming from Siren Publishing on 25th June 2014. 

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Excerpt of Taming Icarus

Mine, Iris’s hands seemed to whisper. Mine.

Chris shuddered. She could voice no resistance. Every part of her agreed with those hands.

It was a slow and terrible tease, and it was becoming very hard for Chris to concentrate, especially with Iris looking at her intently and watching her every reaction.

“I want you to look at something, Chris,” Iris spoke, but Chris could barely follow her words.

She was still dazed from the kiss and from her tormented body. What she wanted was for the other woman to continue. To fondle her breasts, maybe slip in between her legs. Hell, her underwear was soaked by now.

Iris looked amused. Her hand grasped Chris’s hair and directed Chris’s attention to another direction. Gus now stood in front of them. Chris helplessly looked up his still slick body at the hard muscles of his chest.

Her eyes then widened. She didn’t realize he had a tattoo of his own. The intricate scales of a serpent curled over his left shoulder and coiled around his waist. Around it bloomed delicate, small flowers. The flowers reminded Chris of the storm of violet petals of Iris’s assault spell. Were the flowers a reminder of his partner?

But it was not his chest that Iris was pointing at. It was his hard and fully erect cock. The towel that covered his waist was nowhere in sight.

When he saw Chris looking at it, he smiled. “You want this in you, Familiar?” he asked bluntly.

To tell the truth, Chris didn’t really have many positive sexual experiences. Sex was an add-on, a quick distraction whenever her previous owners were bored. It never used to mean anything. Until now.

She wondered if it was her own desire that made her nod in agreement, or if it was also amplified by Iris’s desire as well. The three of them were inextricably bound now, bound in an indescribable and profound way than she had never had with her other keepers, and it was about time Chris stopped running.

“He’d like it if you begged him for it,” Iris informed her. She was still pressed against Chris. Her small and clever tongue licked the folds of Chris’s ear, while her hand found her nipple ring. A sharp and sudden tug made Chris grasp.

“Please,” Chris managed, groaning when Iris pushed one knee between her legs.
“Good. Because I want to fuck that mouth of yours,” Gus said. 

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