29 June 2014

First Page Perfection

From Book Riot:
First Page Perfection- Guest Post by James Crossley
Are you the type to fall in love at first sight? I’m not, but I do it sometimes anyway. Mostly with books. What makes it happen? Well, shapely plots and well-fleshed characters can draw me in slowly, but it’s playful, expressive language that forges an instant connection.

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Killer Openings
There are a few instances where I fall in love with a page on the first page, or get immediately hooked by the first sentence or paragraph. Having a killer opening is a must-do in every writer’s to-list.

That’s why some leave the opening right up to the end. No use fretting when you can spend that time writing the rest of your book right? Pretty much how lingering on a particularly hard scene is futile, so why not leave that for later?

Due to the strange way my mind works, it’s hard for me to do this. I need to hold that structured outline in my head. Need to draft out that skeleton, bare-bones it may be, before I can fill in those holes. Writing an impactful opening that most readers can fall in love with is harder than it seems.

How ‘bout you, are you the type to fall in love with a book based on the first page?

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