24 June 2014

Book Tour: Abducted by Adera Orfanelli


Getting abducted by a hunky android wasn't on Jacey's list of things to do to try and reclaim her life after the death of her best friend and the loss of their business. But when her car crashes during a storm, she's saved not by any rescue vehicle, but by Aiden Starsek, the Lord of BelaZed who informs her that he must have a wife or face deactivation. Jacey blames herself for her friend's death. If she can stop another one, even if it means giving up everything she's ever known, she will. 

Aidan knows Deactivation Day nears and unless he's able to find a human to love him he'll die. Unable to find love on his own planet, he discovers the beautiful Jacey on her own world, Earth. Her beauty entices him. Her compassion humbles him. And though in bed their passion is insatiable, he fears that it won't turn to love in time to save his life. Only her love will save him, not just from Deactivation Day, but also from himself.

Erotic SF Romance, Published by Loose Id

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 She fumbled in her purse for her cell phone. In the dim light from the screen, she made out the tiny symbol that indicated no signal. "Fuck," she growled as she dropped the useless piece of technology back into her purse. Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she thought there might be a better chance at catching a signal at the edge of the road. If nothing else, a passing motorist would see her. Digging her fingers into the muddy turf, she slowly hauled herself out of the ditch. 

"I should have stayed at the bar," she muttered. Her foot slipped in the mud. She lay on her belly in the dirt, wincing at the pain in her mangled fingers, and then slowly worked her knees beneath her. Her breath hissed from between clenched teeth, but she vowed to reach the side of the road. "At least then," she said, finishing her thought, "I could have found out who belonged to the best ass I've seen since the last rerun of Farscape." He'd had his back to her, the mysterious man in the bar, and his jeans molded his ass and legs like hot fudge on a sundae, or leather pants on John Creighton. She hadn't had anything stronger than her two diet sodas, before calling it a night, afraid of what she might do if she drank any alcohol. I might have asked him out. Heaven forbid I actually get a life. She chuckled at her own self-depreciating joke. 

 Jacey scaled the ditch, hauling herself over the edge. She lay there, trying to regain her bearings, and stood on shaky knees to stare into the darkness. She pulled her cell phone from her purse, and then tried to call for help again. Still no signal. Damn. Damn. And double damn again. 

 A flash of light in the distance caught her attention. A car? Her heart leaped, and she watched the light grow brighter until it became a distant fuzzy white glow. The glare loomed large on the horizon. It hovered for a moment, neither coming closer nor disappearing. 

"What the hell?" Jacey muttered. 

 She watched, transfixed as the light lifted into the sky. A UFO, her mind wondered. I must have bumped my head harder than I thought. There's no such things as UFOs. The glow grew closer. It surrounded her, reminding Jacey of a silly bumper sticker about unmanned cars and the rapture. She shielded her eyes against the light, taking an involuntary step backward. Her foot slid. 

 She reached, trying to steady herself. The light blazed brighter, surrounding her. Air whooshed past her, and belatedly she realized it wasnít the wind. She had the sense of being carried, drawn even, toward whatever waited above. 

 She expected the fall. A glance down showed the ground receding farther and farther away. My purse! It lay there along the edge of the road, lost and forgotten. She tried to reach for it but feared diving headlong into the ground. For a brief moment a to-do list of canceling credit cards and reissuing checks came to mind, did she even know what number the book in her purse started with? 

 She might have laughed if it weren't for the ground dropping away from her. A UFO, it had to be. Uncontrollable shivers ran through her. She'd asked for an escape. Perhaps being abducted by aliens would be so much nicer than committing suicide. 

 She couldn't even see her purse now. She knew, because she'd focused on the bright pattern, clearly visible in the light surrounding her, until sheíd lost sight of it. Her one tie to this life, a life she wasn't even sure she'd wanted, and it was gone. Surely someone would find it. She hated to be a downer but wondered if they'd care. Frankly, if she were being abducted, she wondered if she even wanted to go back. 

 Vertigo and velocity combined to give her one hell of a headache. Closing her eyes, she relaxed into the pull as the pace increased. She gave in to the abduction, regardless of what she would find. They'd chosen her out of all the billions of people on the planet. If this were an abduction, and what else could it beóthen they wanted her. She held on to that hope as a huge silver shape materialized in the light above her. 


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