16 May 2014

The Secret to Marketing Success (Is There is No Secret) – LJ Cohen

From Romance University:
The Secret to Marketing Success (Is There is No Secret) – LJ Cohen

For me, the problem with believing that I can actively market my work to create sales gets in the way of the one thing I can do to generate more sales: write more books.
So what’s the frustrated author to do?
I can’t tell anyone else whether and how to spend their time and their money on promotion. I can only tell you what I have decided. And that is to focus on my writing and on creating authentic relationships with both other writers and readers. Not because I will sell to them, but because I genuinely crave the kinds of conversations that center around my passion for storytelling.
It is those relationships that matter. Given the right circumstances, a lot of hard work, and a little luck and timing, those relationships just may end up making one of my stories a viral run-away hit.
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