9 May 2014

The Gaze, Erotica and the Aesthetics of a Hog-tie

From Erotica Readers and Writers Association: 
 The Gaze, Erotica and the Aesthetics of a Hog-tie 
…why I think erotic writing is different to porn writing. Or at least what I have come to believe is one of the differences. Beyond the whole 'porn doesn't contain conflict' thing, which is also true, it makes a lot of automatic assumptions about the viewer (or the reader). It takes many things as a given. Orientation, gender-role, how the viewer consumes experience, how he or she translates it internally. 
I have come to believe that really good erotica doesn't make those assumptions. Like good writing in general, it doesn't assume an automatic alignment of desire between the reader and the narrator.
The text slowly, and at its best, unobtrusively offers you reasons to find commonality. Information about who the narrator is and why they are turned on by this helps, but it is also the silences, the gaps, the things the reader is not told, that allow them to find alignments where none are even offered…. 
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