23 May 2014

Reader Response, Cupcakes & Diabetic Werewolves

From YA Muses:
Reader Response - by Donna Cooner

“…even though I'm a stranger to you... your writing makes me feel like you're not a stranger to me."
- reader's email communication
As a writer, I enjoy control over my little imaginary world.  I decide who falls in love.  Who dies.  What characters look like on the outside and, even more importantly, who they are on the inside.  I can choose what they say and what they do.  I can even select their eventual fate.  But when a book leaves my writer brain and goes out into the world of readers, change happens--a change far outside my control.  It is no longer about what I wrote.  Now it is about the interaction between what I wrote and the reader… 
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Write What You Like
I think as writers we sometimes have trouble separating what we write for ourselves and what we write for readers. I used to go by the general basic principal that if I like what I read, readers will like it too. If it excites me and sets my heart pumping, it’d set their heart pumping too.

We eventually find out that that’s not always the case though. Reader expectations may differ from our own. Reaction may be unpredictable, but you can work around the chessboard. At least anticipate a few moves ahead as best as you can.

I’ve known some writers who don’t give a damn about what their readers think and writers who are exactly the opposite- those you write themes and genres that are trending and bank in on them.

I’m not saying one’s better than another. To me, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, then go for it.

For instance I’d never thought I’ll write a m/m paranormal werewolf novelette like Sugar-free Beta, but it sure hell was fun to write about a diabetic and slightly porky werewolf. Its good fun finding new ways and new adaptations of a trope or trending topic, its keeps the creativity flowing and you never know what you’ll gain after.

Certainly a little bit more than those close closeted prudes.

*Interested in reading a m/m paranormal werewolf novelette with bite, humor and cupcakes? Stay tuned for more updates on Sugar-free Beta from Evernight Publishing.

Check out my Inspiration Board for Sugar-free Beta (damn those cupcakes):

Some More News

Stay tuned for more updates on my two upcoming books this summer:  
Steel & Shadow, June 2014 (NA romance fantasy from SCP) 
Taming Icarus, July 2014 (Urban fantasy ménage from Siren Publishing).
Sugar-free Beta (m/m paranormal romance from Evernight Publishing)
Faith (f/f fantasy romance from Decadent Publishing)
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