19 May 2014

Good News & Time Management Tips for Writers

A Piece of Good News
My f/f romance fantasy novella “Faith” was accepted by Decadent Publishing. “Faith” features swords, battles with giant bugs and an unexpected romance between a monster huntress and a servant girl.

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Now onto today’s writing advice.

From Author Karen Woodward's blog:
4 Time Management Tips For Writers by Karen Woodward

Have you ever sat down to write and gotten up hours later ... and accomplished nothing?

1. Be prepared. Write lists.
2. Find the place and time that works best for you.
3. Every sliver of time counts.
4. Reward yourself.

Link back to Karen Woodward’s blog.

The Clock's Ticking
Have you ever sat down to write and gotten up hours later ... and accomplished nothing? begins Karen Woodward’s blog post.

All of us have been in that place. We carve out a specific time to do our writing, but when we get home after a long day at work, all we can manage is stare blankly at our screen. 

Burned out. Run down. Worn out.

Then come the endless stream of excuses: early meeting at work tomorrow, reports, checking on the homework of your kids…and generally tackling whatever life throws at you.

Reading inspiring time management posts by other writers is one thing, doing is another. One particular advice by author Chuck Wendig stayed with me.

It went along the simple lines of “Stop whining, just fucking write”.

That dude, that single dad with three kids and who took two shifts today, he’s written his daily 2k-word count. What have you done, but whine? 

Yeah. I know. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it even sounds like a one hell of a colossal task, but eventually it becomes doable. You just have to put in the work. Once you’re familiar with the routine, it becomes a hell of a lot easier.

I try my best to stick to a schedule. To do my daily word count despite what life throws at me. If I can’t hit my daily word count, I try to write something, even something short like a 200-300 word blogpost. Don’t start big, start small. If your plan A goes downhill, have a plan B.

Karen’s advice to reward yourself at the end of the day is sound advice. I think being simple creatures, (at least I am) we look forward to that massive slab of chocolate cake at the end of the day.

More News

Stay tuned for more updates on my two upcoming books this summer: 
Steel & Shadow, June 2014 (NA romance fantasy from SCP) & Taming Icarus, July 2014 (Urban fantasy ménage from Siren Publishing).

Upcoming titles: Sugar-free Beta (m/m paranormal romance from Evernight Publishing) & Faith (f/f fantasy romance from Decadent Publishing)

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