15 May 2014

Cover Reveal: Taming Icarus & Fancy Schmancy Writing Tools

Cover Reveal
For Taming Icarus, my new erotic fantasy novella that features a unique magic system and a hot ménage. (Publisher: Siren Publishing)

Harris Channing has done a fantastic job of the cover, and I'm really excited about Taming Icarus' release.

Now onto today’s daily writing post.

From the Galley Cat:
Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors By Dianna Dilworth

Ninja Essays has created an infographic called, “Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors,” which explores the technologies used by great writers. 
According to the graphic, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Quentin Tarantino rely on pen and paper to get their ideas out. George R.R. Martin uses an old DOS machine that runs Wordstar 4.0.
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Fancy Schmancy Tools?
I’ve experimented with a number of writing tools over the years. From full screen distraction-free software like Dark Room, to typewriters (mind you, this didn’t last very long) and back to plain and reliable ol' paper and pen. 

Every writer has, one time or another, smacked their heads on the wall trying to get used to a new fancy software they’re unfamiliar with. I’ve never gotten used to Pages for one, despite getting a solid Bluetooth keyboard specifically to write.

After hours of stabbing at my screen trying to get to that particular sentence or paragraph, I booted up my old desktop reverted to ms word. Good ol’ reliable ms word I can count on for hardcore writing. Like rushing to reach that nanowrimo 2k-a-day word limit or rushing to finish a round of edits.

I find a mix of paper and pen and typing on word does it for me. When an idea pops up, I always have a notebook and pen in hand to write it down. Outlining for me needs to be done in a traditional way as well. Drafting is done in a combination of both.

I have trunk full of messy notebooks. I always carry around something I call my ‘port-a-porn’ notebook because drafting erotic stories is something I’ve found stress-relieving and relaxing. Taming Icarus was conceived through these notebooks. I have about nine of them now. Some are simply filled with drivel and smut, but some are filled with gut-wrenching words I knew I could never pull off if I wrote them on Word.

Sometimes organisation is key for me. I wrote the earlier outline and draft of Steel and Shadow on word and later straightened and ironed out the outline on paper again. 

And sometimes it’s just a matter of grabbing whatever’s at hand at that moment inspiration strikes you. Whatever works, as long as its effective right?

What writing tools do you find effective?

Steel & Shadow, the first book in my new NA romance fantasy trilogy featuring blades, bows, paranormal creatures and sizzling romance.  (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Taming Icarus, an erotic fantasy with a unique magic system and a hot ménage. (Siren-BookStrand)

Sugar-free Beta, a m/m werewolf erotic romance novelette that features a diabetic werewolf. (Evernight Publishing)
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