27 April 2014

The Wattpad Sensation ‘After’ and How it Changes the Publishing Game Part II

In Part 1 of my tw0-part post, I blogged about what the success of ‘After’, what it has done to the publishing game and how it really hasn’t changed anything for the common folk (Click here for Part 1).

The reason why some writers still prefer the traditional path?

Easy. Bragging rights.
But no, jokes aside, writers know they can rely on their publisher for taking some of that load that self-published authors have to shoulder such as book covers, edits, marketing and whatever paperwork.

Not that it’s a breeze for traditionally published writers as well.

Aside from the querying and heartaches there’s reality. Realistically speaking, most traditionally published writers today are quite aware that they also need to make an effort to promote their books. In fact, it’s a requirement listed in some small presses.

Even if taking the indie path or promoting via Wattpad is no longer a frowned-upon option as it once was, the reality remains the same: being traditionally published by a royalty-paying publisher still holds more credibility.

For some, other factors come into play We writers know that we don’t write for the money. Sure there are the amazing writers who are capable of producing a lot of quality books and writing full-time, but most of us have day jobs and do most of our personal writing during our free time.

Whatever we earn is just a supplement, and sometimes we realize that the work we put into a book doesn’t yield an equal work = reward ratio. But we still write on.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to juggle life, while pursuing the self-publishing path. It’s very possible in fact. The numbers and the numerous success stories of indie authors prove that.

But realistically speaking, I know I’m not that one-in-a-million. I know I can’t sink a lot of my time networking when I can be writing, but I’m not saying I won’t my promote my work at all either. All I’m capable of is doing my best.

What horror stories of small presses closing and writers never getting back their rights tell us that the traditional path isn’t safe and sure either. But I believe that if you do your research and make enough safety nets that can support your weight if you fall, well, you know you’ve done your best.

Stay tuned for more updates on my two upcoming books this summer:
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-Taming Icarus. Urban fantasy featuring a unique magic system and a sizzling ménage from Siren-BookStrand.
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