18 April 2014

Fire, Blood, and Heartache: Finally Telling that Writing Journey Part 1

Heartaches and acceptances
Robin LaFevers’ “Dear Soon To Be Published Author,” post  at Writer Unboxed was pure inspiration and somewhat appropriate for me last week.

She talks about how:
a) while yes, getting a contract is a sign and professional validation, you also have to
b) remember that you haven’t left your problems and heartaches behind.

I think that sometimes in the midst of punching and jumping about like a lunatic in a bus full of people because of that wonderful bit of news, you forget that practical bit of yourself. It’s that bit that that refuses to accept that nothing in life is easy.

Its that bit that tells you: Acceptance is fucking-tastic news, but there’s also a shit load of hard work ahead.
But despite all that, you’re still glowing like a bucketful of diamonds like those daywalking vampires.

You’ve made it pal. Just remember, despite the hard work ahead, enjoy the ride and savor the experience.

So it’s about that time I write that post. You know, that post. The one every writer eventually blogs and gushes about.

You’ve probably read your share of these posts. These are the posts you continually read over and over again when you need a pick-me-up on a bad day. They’re even better than sharing your woes and reading other people’s woes at AW’s Rejection section, because they do nothing but inspire.

So how’s that journey to Mt. Doom and back been like for me?
Like many writers, I’ve always been reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I was one of those kids that always seemed far away from reality even when I was doing and mimicking the same things other kids did.

Discovering Ralan.com was an eye-opener for me, because the writing market back then in Singapore was practically non-existent and restrictive- and is still is, in the present. Ralan made me realize that wanting something so badly is one thing, putting the work to your craft is another. It’s a commitment just like any other commitment.

To stay true to that commitment, we writers like to mentally list out our writing goals and milestones. My own list comes with boxes I can place a tick over.

My first writing milestone arrived a decade ago when I received my first cheque for a romance fantasy story I accidentally sent to an erotic anthology. Putting aside that I was er shall we say, not yet of a legal age, the experience was a particularly life-changing one for me.

Its one tick out of my list- to earn money from my personal writing.

What’s so important about this is this: its income no matter how small. Income gained from the product of my own creativity.

It’s that cheque you kiss, frame, and put up on the wall.

That’s one tick out of a very long list, but even a single tick can go a damn long way. That tick will always be there for you to look back. It’s there to encourage you and spur you onward. Even if it takes inch by inch to get there, you know you’ll get there.

Still here?
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Stay tuned: For more updates on Steel and Shadow, the first book in my upcoming fantasy romance series.

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