8 March 2014

JA Konrath's Blogpost featuring Melinda DuChamp and Summer Daniels

From JA Konrath’s Blog, Melinda DuChamp & Summer Daniels blogpost:

Melinda: Like me, Summer Daniels is an erotica writer. She's also the creator of the very popular Facebook page, What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey (WTRAFSOG).

…In my opinion, the original 50 Shades didn't do a very good job describing a consensual, kinky affair. Too much fear and pain and manipulation, not enough orgasms. Women are powerful sexual creatures with unlimited potential, and we wanted to write stories that delved into all sorts of kinks to explore their various sexual capacities and appetites, but to do so in a fun and friendly way…
Summer: You say above that “these are erotic stories for smart people who like to laugh.”  I think this point is very apt as I truly feel there is no need (as some authors believe) to tone down the level of vocabulary or intelligence in order to connect with more readers.  Readers are much more intelligent and savvy than many authors in today’s market give them credit for.  

Summer: The WTRAFSOG (What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey) page was set up in April of 2012 with the initial intent of gathering a few readers together to help sell my Summer’s Journey series. I also really liked the idea of Paying It Forward and giving back a little to the community that had been so welcoming to me when I first started writing. It has evolved over time into an incredibly active reader recommendation and author promotion community.
Link to the rest of the interview.
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