27 March 2014

Conflict Resolution


From Adventures in YA Publishing:
Conflict Resolution- Upside Down by Eileen Cook
1. Pick the Right Atmosphere: …In fiction, try and have the conflict happen in the most uncomfortable place and time possible for your characters.

2. Address Issues Promptly and Clearly: … Instead of stating clearly what issue you want to have addressed, have your fictional characters dance around the real issue.

3. Listen and Maintain Emotional Control: Instead of listening and reflecting on what is said, allow your characters to lash out, even before they might fully understand the situation.

4. Avoid Accusations: In real life we encourage people to focus on the situation, not the people. Fiction should follow the opposite behavior.

5. Create win-win situations: …In fiction, we want to keep our character’s focus on not what they have in common, but what sets them apart.

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